Digital World – Digital Rules


How can we describe in the best possible way new tendencies and necessities of our digital age? With only two words: digital ethics. Setting up and close follow up of certain rules can definitely protect our privacy and improve the quality of our lives. Here are some of the most useful and obvious examples.

If you are sending an email to a group of people, make sure that all of them accept a situation where their emails will be exposed. Here is another one. It is definitely a nice thing to attend a wedding or birthday party. However, you should wait for official ceremony photos, before you publish yours online.

The Facebook itself deserves a special attention in our story. In order to prevent some quite bizarre situations from repeating themselves over and over again, you should be a little bit more careful about the following. Always think twice before you express your thoughts on Facebook. We really mean it.

It is not a nice thing to like some tragic events. There have to be some other more appropriate ways to express your feelings. We can write an entire book about this topic. However, you should start writing some rules of your own. The most importantly, you should respect them with no exceptions.

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