Record Breaking Weekend on Facebook


This weekend will be long remembered on both Facebook and World Cup. As expected, the World Cup in Brazil was an unparalleled magnet for activities on this social network. More than 220 people liked and posted on Facebook all of it related to football. Yes, this is definitely a record breaker for Facebook.

Can you dare to guess who was the number one liked person on Facebook during this period? We should not be surprised, Brazilian superstar Neimar gathered 7 million likes during this football weekend. Facebook can only wish for more of these events to occur on a regular basis.

The good news, though, is that Facebook did not have any unwanted “pauses” while the World Cup matches were taking place. We only have to remind ourselves of a recent 20 minute “break”, which sounded a painful alarm in Facebook. For what is worth, Facebook was able to go through this whole game of its users.

Nowadays, if some event has not been followed by appropriate likes, posts and shares, it looks as if it has not happened in the first place. It may sound a little bit strange, but if you want to organize an event with enough media coverage, you have to pay enough attention for both people to attend and people to comment about it.

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